A Little C Update







I feel like it’s time for an update on Little C and our potty training/school/life adventures.  She is constantly on the move so the bath seems to be the one time that I haver her contained enough to snap some pics!  In the last month or so she FINALLY started to be more open to going to school, she now walks on her own into her class (instead of us having to carry her while she loudly protests/cries) and doesn’t fight getting ready in the morning. She used to sit there before we left the house and say “no, I not going to school today, no school, no school” over and over, but now she actually has days here and there where she seems excited to go and see her friends. I can not begin to describe how relieved I am that she seems happier now at school, it broke my heart every single day knowing that she was sad and wanting to go home.

Little C has become quite the independent little lady, she likes to tell me “no, mommy, you wait here one moment, I’m going to go do this alone” while attempting to walk out of the house. She never ever wants my help with ANYTHING anymore, she wants to pour her own water, wash her own hands, dress herself. And forget me helping her with potty training.  We haven’t pushed PT’ing hardcore, which might be making things harder, but I still find diapers to be convenient especially when out and about. She is relatively reliable when it comes to telling us that she has to go and LOVES wearing her big girl underwear. The only issue is that she still will pee in her panties and then decide not to mention that said peeing has occurred. Take last night for example, she was wearing her undies, and peed, and didn’t say anything. I had no clue what had happened until I noticed that she was wearing her underwear like a skirt-she had taken them off, put both legs through one hole, and pulled them up around her waist. Apparently, as long as the wet part isn’t touching her, there is no need to change.  She also refuses to allow me to help her with wiping….and she is plain terrible at it so….it’s a work in progress.  Let’s just say that after the potty she gets in the bath because otherwise it’s a really bad situation.

I have come to the conclusion that raising a two year old while maintaining your sanity is similar to attempting to herd a gaggle of cats or reason with a drunk-it’s just not possible. There is no logic, no formula for figuring out the toddler brain. It’s like a freaking roller coaster of emotions within the span of two minutes for those little beings. The other night I was rocking Little C after her bath and apparently wasn’t holding her right because my generally mild-tempered babe slapped me in the face, and then immediately started sobbing. We don’t allow hitting in our house (obviously) and this was a first for me; I’m not sure who was more shocked, she or I.  We also recently entered the fake crying stage, and she loves to watch herself in the mirror while she “cries”.  However, we have caught on to her devious ways. Heard last night in our house, “Oh, you want to look at yourself in the mirror while you cry? Let me go ahead and move that laundry basket out of your way”.

Overall however, I am really enjoying this age.  Little C talks so much and she’s freaking hilarious.  I love being able to have conversations with her. I love that she will hold my face in her hands, pull my hair back from my face, and kiss me.  I love that she tells me “I like your hair, mom” when we are driving, or will kiss my “boo boo” if she accidentally bumps into me.  I love that she sings and dances and that she marches to the beat of her own drum.  I hate that she is growing up so fast but I also can’t wait to see who she is going to become.

As a side note, please excuse the grainy quality of the photos!!! I have been playing around with shooting in a full manual setting instead of AV and it’s been a learning process, so bear with me.  In other exciting news, my mom is coming to visit tomorrow for a few days and the bug is SO excited to see her “Gandma Leslie!”.  Happy Monday, my loves 🙂  What are some things that your kids are currently doing that drive you nuts/make you happy?