BreastCancerFund and Accessory Concierge

With October being National Breast Cancer Awareness month (and also right around the corner), I want to talk about Accessory Concierge and their pledge to donate to Breast cancer has touched both my family and friends, sadly there are few people these days who have not been effected by or known someone who has been afflicted with breast cancer. I myself have been through an ultrasound, biopsies, and have been tested for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genetic mutations (luckily everything has came back negative). My aunt had breast cancer when I was younger and is a survivor, but unfortunately many people do not get so lucky. The more research that can be done, the closer we will be to finding a cure. is an amazing charitable organization that relies solely on donations from individuals, foundations, and businesses to fund their research. The mission of the BreastCancerFund is to “prevent breast cancer by eliminating our exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation linked to the disease”, and their site is full of information about prevention, treatment, education, and inspiration. Pulled from their site:

Our Vision

As a result of our work, we envision a world in which:

We live without fear of losing our breasts or our lives as a result of what we’ve eaten, touched or breathed because the environmental causes of breast cancer have been identified and eliminated.
Most breast cancer can be prevented, while safe detection and treatment of the disease are the standard and available to all.
We have succeeded in informing and mobilizing a public that is unrelenting and holds government and business accountable for contaminating our bodies and our environment.
Public policy protects our health and is guided by the principle that credible evidence of harm rather than proof of harm is sufficient to mandate policy changes in the public’s best interest.
We have done justice to the women whose struggle and dedication inspired our resolve.

Accessory Concierge - Tough As Nails

Accessory Concierge has created three awesome pieces, the “Fight Like a Girl” cuff , “Here Comes a Fighter” cuff and the “Tough As Nails” necklace, with 20% of the proceeds from each of the three breast cancer awareness pieces being donated to   Each piece is made in the USA out of bronze and carries a special message of strength. 

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