BossMom with ClosetPiece


TEE: c/o Closet Piece  ::  DENIM: Zara  ::  BOOTIES: Alexander Wang  ::  HAT: Forever 21  ::  BAG: Alexander Wang  ::  JACKET: Trouve

I was so excited when the ladies of ClosetPIECE asked me if I wanted to collaborate with them and style their BossMom tee – these ladies are forward thinkers, proud and outspoken women who totally get the fact that the modern woman, in their own words, ‘is a free spirit with purpose; a woman who is driven and evolving as the days turn”. I am always looking to collaborate with like-minded souls who I can see eye-to-eye with on the struggles and triumphs of being a woman in this day and age, so collaborating with them was a no-brainer.

Aliyah and Shah, the founders and creative muses behind ClosetPIECE, created their company in dedication to the BossMoms and CoolGirls of the world. They believe that their company has a responsibility to womanhood, and they strive to ‘uphold the very truths that makes us amazing, because at this time in our lives, everything we do matters. Being a woman is part of a unified culture and here, we celebrate the things that rest our souls”. The ladies of ClosetPIECE are all about girl power and one-love consciousness, which I support to the fullest; there is nothing more powerful than women supporting women.

Aliyah and Shah are also both mothers, and they recognize what it’s like to be a mom in the world today. Their BossMom tee is designed for all of the ‘Modern Mommies’ of the universe who have dispelled the myths of motherhood, who consistently beat the odds, and who splash the world with their dopeness”. I know, even their company motto and verbiage is rad, right? So, going off their definition, I’m pretty proud to be considered a BossMom…and I certainly strive on a daily basis to be as strong and resourceful as possible. ClosetPIECE is not just a shop either, it is a veritable online community that caters to every being of the modern women, a place where like-minded ladies with ‘style, passion and the spirit of grace can unite and rejoice in what makes us strong, rad, women. Style is more than what we wear, it’s the way we do things as women’. I know a whole hell of a lot of BossMoms and CoolGirls that possess the qualities that ClosetPIECE seeks to inspire – so head on over to their site and look around – get inspired, get involved, have some fun! There is nothing like finding like-minded women whose visions and dreams mirror your own.

For styling my BossMom tee, I went with my quintessential, mom-on-the-go weekend attire: ripped denim, a rad shirt (hehe), some uber comfy black booties, and of course a leather moto jacket because I rarely leave the house without it. I threw on a denim baseball hat (sometimes BossMoms don’t have time to do their hair) and voila. Ready for a day at the park, running errands, shooting blog posts, whatever the day throws at me, I’m set. BossMom Status 😉

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