Borrowed From the Boys

















PUMPS: Charles David x Nordstrom (under $100!)  :: DENIM: One Teaspoon (run big, size down), similar steal here ::  COAT: Forever 21  ::  SWEATER: Express (old) similar herehere, and here  ::  BEANIE: Neff 

I can’t think tonight. My brain is so done – work was crazy, Little C had two really rough nights of sleep in a row. I sat down and started typing about boyfriend jeans and how I love menswear inspired pieces….and then I erased it all and decided to write this instead. I do love fashion: I love talking about fashion, giving styling tips, divulging which sales are happening, and discussing how to glam-up a look for a holiday party. But some days talking about clothing and how to pair an outfit feels canned, you know? Robotic. Because as much as I love fashion and style there are lots of other things I love too, and to write about just one facet of my life starts to drain me. I need to do some fitness post for you guys, it’s been too long since I shared my recipes and workout programs! And I need to do a Little C update because I have lots of funny stories to share on the latest dramatics with our tiny dictator. Maybe a few reflective or creative writing pieces, perhaps some momlife moments…maybe even a Sharky the bearded dragon update. Things could get crazy. I will just mention that the zipper details on these One Teaspoon boyfriend jeans are pretty freaking amazing and the wash and wear is perfection. Been on the hunt for a pair like these for quite some time!

Writing this feels so much better than what I started with. Writing should flow – it should be a stream of consciousness that just happens to be captured on a computer…and that is how it is in this moment. I’m ready for bed (last night I was up until 1:30am because Little C didn’t go down until 1am – like I said rough night) so instead of staying up super late which is my norm, I’m going to give myself permission to tap out early on this one. To let go of that perfectionistic attitude, that anxious “OHMYGOD but you HAVE to WRITE A POST” feeling, close the computer, crawl under the covers, and pass the F out. Hubs is out of town for work and I get the whole bed to myself aside from the cats who try to sleep on my legs and occasionally my face which is far from pleasant. So, with that said, goodnight my babes (although chances are it’s tomorrow already and you are reading this and it’s no longer last night) and in that case, good morning! Let’s go out and make today a good one. Only we have the power to choose to have a good day instead of  a crap one. Look for the positives, search out the blessings. It’s Tuesday and it’s good to be alive. Love you guys!

And because I am your sales guru, here are some more sales!! Make the commitment to never pay full price for holiday gifts ever again 😉