Best Friends and Ice Cream















On Saturday we met up with Little C’s best friend, Miss M.  The girls have been besties since they were teeny tiny, pre-crawling babes and they love spending time together (plus M’s mom and I happen to be the best of friends as well so it’s a win all around).  Little C demands to see M all the time, so we try to set up play dates as often as possible; we even took a trip to Mexico together back in September!  After going to the South Beach park playground in Santa Monica (a rad and relatively new park featuring a pirate ship and swings literally ON the beach), we headed to A Votre Sante for dinner and then walked over to the main event, the Sweet Rose Creamery.

Before we reflect on the adorableness that is two year olds devouring chocolate ice cream, hugging, and holding hands, let’s talk about Sweet Rose Creamery.  I try to shop seasonally and locally as much as possible-I firmly believe that it’s healthier and better for our environment, not to mention how important it is to support local farmers.  Sweet Rose Creamery mirrors my beliefs-their milk and cream are organic and come from Clover farms (yay Northern Cali!) and their eggs come from Chino Valley Ranchers; both farms are antibiotic and hormone free. They purchase their produce from farmers who use organic and sustainable agricultural practices, shopping at the Santa Monica farmers’ market for the fruits, vegetables, and herbs used in their glorious creations.  Even their sprinkles are food-conscious, made with natural plant-based dyes and free of artificial food coloring.  Their flavors are fun an innovative, and along with the classics like Chocolate and Salted Caramel, they boast monthly flavors that change based on the ingredients and seasons.  March features Lavender Honey, Candied Oro Blanco with Ginger Waffer, and Cara Cara Orange & Carrot Sorbet among others.  With three locations in the area, you would be doing yourself a disservice to not go check out their amazingness.

Now, back to the cuteness. Little C and Miss M spent the majority of their time together hugging and jumping up and down.  They chose chocolate ice cream with sprinkles, and sat together on a bench out in the setting sun devouring their treats; they both had the most incredible chocolate mustaches, and their sugar-induced antics were hilarious.  Moments like those, watching sweet babes enjoy sweet treats, witnessing the pure joy that is two year olds and ice cream, makes me feel a little better about the world.  That simplicity-it’s captivating….and the pictures are ridiculously adorable. Enjoy.