After-baby List: Everything You and Your Lady Parts Will Need

Oooohkay. So this is one of those posts for all of my moms and soon-to-be-moms, and while it might be a little bit TMI (or completely entirely freak you out) it might also be the most valuable and informative post you have ever read. Ever.

As I have mentioned in various posts about mom-life, there are certain things that no one tells you about pregnancy. There are also many things that no one tells you will happen right after your little babe is born, and had it not been for my online mom group I would never have been prepared for the ‘aftermath’ of giving birth. And maybe some of the info in this post will seem like common sense, but to me it was all brand spanking new.  So pass this info on to your girlfriends, sister-in-laws, and bffs – it might just be the nicest thing you have ever done for them.

You are going to want some of each of these items with you at the hospital, and more at home for once you get back. Some hospitals provide a few of these essentials but not all, and in this case it is so much better to be over prepared than under. Each of these glorious goodies will help to keep you and your poor lady bits out of pain and on the road to recovery.

Dermoplast Spray – This is quite possibly one of the most amazing inventions of all time. Marketed as a ‘first aid spray’, it combines cooling power with the numbing benefits of Benzocaine to soothe and kill pain. Make sure that you get the blue bottle though, NOT the red. I repeat: The red is all kinds of ouch from what I’ve heard. Use it as often as you want/need, especially before and after a trip to the bathroom. This stuff is a life saver.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Post Partum Bath Herbs – 100% organic packets with healing and soothing herbs. These can be frozen, warmed up, or steeped in a sitz bath. Great idea.

Sitz Bath – I had no idea what this even was. I kept thinking that people were calling it a “sits bath”, as in, you sit in it. Um, yeah no sh$t. Anyways, come to find out that this lovely contraption can really be a key in the healing process, and at only $7, it’s so worth it. Again, some hospitals may provide them and others won’t. Be prepared just in case 😉

Extra Heavy Overnight Pads – After much discussion with various  mom friends, we all agree that these are the best in the game. You’re going to want the extra heavy…just trust me on this. No need to get into graphic detail…just believe me.

Tucks Pads – Even if you don’t get hemorrhoids (lucky me I did not) these are still super helpful and soothing. I was told to keep them in the fridge or the freezer so that they were icy cold and then to line a new pad with them every so often. Ohhh the cooling relief….I had to have stitches and I would have been absolutely miserable without these.

Lavette Bottle – Chances are that your hospital will give you one, but it doesn’t hurt to have backup or another in case there is more than one bathroom in your house. Honestly you are also going to want to bring one with you when you leave the house. I made the mistake early on of not having mine with me…I’m pretty positive I cried trying to go pee 🙁 Anyways, another must-have. Love love love.

Underwear – Please. For the sake of your cute underwear and your peace of mind, buy some not-so-cute underwear that you can just throw away after the whole process in done with. I don’t think I need to be more descriptive about this…it just isn’t worth ruining your cute hipster lacy boyshorts from Victoria’s Secret.

Donut Pillow – I had no clue about just how SORE I would be after delivery. I mean it makes sense, considering what just occurred but I was not thinking ahead. I spent a lot of my time in those first few weeks after the babe was born sitting in bed nursing nursing nursing. And my poor bum did NOT enjoy that. At all. This donut pillow was a serious saving grace. It’s literally shaped like a donut and cushions you with putting pressure on more tender areas. Would have bought this even if it cost $300. Luckily it’s only like $12 😉

One more tip: fill a newborn diaper with crushed ice and then apply. It’s like a make-shift ice pack and it works wonders on soothing sad lady parts. I learned that one from the nurses at the hospital. LIFESAVER.