A Girl and Her Daddy

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LITTLE C OUTFIT: SWEATSHIRT: Target (in store) similar here  ::  PANTS: Target  ::  BOOTS: UGG  ::  HAT: Target (in store), similar here

BIG C OUTFIT: SWEATER: Patagonia (in store), similar style here  ::  SWEATS: Nike, black here
There are times where I wonder why I blog. For reals. There are times where I feel pointless or redundant, and then I remember the reason, the why. I do this so that I can remember years from now what Little C’s eyes looked like as Big C threw her in the air, so that I can remember the joy on her little face as she took in the fresh snowfall. I get to capture moments and freeze them in time and put them somewhere that the babe can come some day and look at her life in photos. I do this so that we can remember the moments that fade with time.

I love fashion, and I truly enjoy getting to share looks and styles with you guys, but at the end of the day I love blogging and keep doing it because I get to do this. I get to take precious, sweet photos of Little C with her daddy, I get to capture her little teeth and her bright eyes and her crazy hair (which we have still never cut). I get to watch her grow and change and become her own little person. So grateful to be her mommy, so grateful that Big C is such a good daddy and that they have such a sweet bond. I have a lot to be grateful for, and in this new year I hope to remain in a place of gratitude as much as possible. So sorry for the lack of posts over this holiday break, I STILL have the flu and Little C had a fever so we have just been laying low. Expect things to return to normal now 🙂 With all of that said, happy 2015 my loves. May it be a beautiful year with lots of light, love, and joy.