A Day with The Fish…Part One

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Yes….there is a part one to this post because I took soooo many pics that I had to split them up (half of them were an impromptu shoot of the two C’s boat-watching, those are coming tomorrow). I had a lot of fun taking these because generally I shoot only in ideal lighting conditions, but obviously inside a dark aquarium shooting with natural light isn’t exactly easy (there is very little light in there in case you haven’t been in one). I also refuse to use a flash (just personal preference) which for me means shooting in manual and messing with the ISO and shutter speed to try to capture moments that aren’t insanely blurry. So forgive some of the super-pixelated shots…but overall it was really rad getting to play around in a different element and see how the style and feel of the photos turned out.  It’s also super cool to look back over old aquarium posts from the earlier days of My Life as Maya like this one and this one and to compare not only how the quality of the photos has changed but also how different Little C looks! She is growing up way too fast ::tears::.

I love these special pictures and trips that we get to document…I’m excited to one day look back on these with the little and marvel at how small she was and talk about how much fun we had. Little C bug, if you (or we) are reading this ten years from now, know that Mommy and Daddy love you to the moon and back! You are the light of our life and even when you are a bossy-butt you are still the most awesome and hilarious person we have ever had the pleasure of meeting (or parenting, for that matter). Hope that you guys enjoy these pics! Clearly they are a bit of a deviation from what normally is on the blog but what is the point of having said blog if you can’t play around sometimes? Happy Wednesday!