Breaking the Rules

I’ve never been one for fashion rules. I’m more of the opinion that they are meant to be broken, not followed. Fashion is all about individuality, expression. If you’re boxed in by rules, then what’s the fun? For example, the whole no white after labor day? Yeah, right. Winter whites are GORGEOUS; I love white, year round. This Dynamite sweater is super soft and perfect for the look, and I added a little texture with some destructed white denim from J Brand; I’ve linked a pair for you guys at the bottom that are on sale for $40!

So I always have a list of things that I’m searching for, and I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pink trench coat for a while now. Annnnd I finally found it with Aeryne Paris! OMG you guys it is perfection, great material, awesome cut and length, and true to size. Definitely one of my favorite items in my closet at the moment. I’ve also been wanting to add some simple gray suede block sandals to my wardrobe for a while now, and these ones from Pretty Little Things are so perfect (and only $43!). They’re also surprisingly comfortable, I did a lot of walking in them while shooting downtown.

What do you guys think, is white after labor day a ‘no no’ or a ‘hell yes’? Let me know 😉

SWEATER: c/o Dynamite (under $40)  ::  DENIM: J Brand, style steal here ::  COAT: c/o Aeryne Paris  ::  SHOES: c/o Pretty Little Things  ::  PURSE: c/o Closet Access

All photos by the oh so amazing Lori of Lori Gola Photography check out her Instagram here.

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