San Jose del Cabo-traveling with Baby

Preface: I always enjoy blogs that include pictures and stories about the writer’s life, not just their favorite products or fashion lust-list, so Mom Life will also have details about trips we take and reviews of the places we stay; focusing on kid-friendly resorts and adventures that are baby-approved.

Where to Stay: Cabo Azul

In September, we decided to take a MUCH NEEDED vacation and head to San Jose del Cabo, the sister city of Cabo San Lucas, collectively referred to as ‘Los Cabos’ (the two Cabos). San Jose del Cabo is the quieter, calmer, more family oriented of the two, and we absolutely LOVED it there. We stayed at Cabo Azul, a gorgeous resort right on the Sea of Cortez. We went with good friends of ours whose daughter is little C’s age, and the babes had a great time playing together.
No picture could accurately capture the beauty of Cabo Azul. The two bedroom villa we stayed in was tasteful and beautiful, with dark wood and wicker, marble tiles, jute rugs, and tons of natural light. The beds were soft, clad in plump white covers. I am a sucker for anything white (not the best when you have a two year old but oh well) and the decor was sparse in the best way possible. The staff was super accommodating, and came to clean twice a day, doing a turndown in the evening. We had requested a crib for Little C (although she decided sleeping with mommy and daddy was more fun) and even the crib was gorgeous, all dark wood and white blankets. The villas at Cabo Azul also have kitchens with full-size fridges, stove tops, cooking utensils, and dishwashers. We were able to prepare lots of meals at “home”(my favorite being fresh papaya with lime juice), which made things so much easier since we had two little ones.
The spacious living room
Precious baby butts
Little C anxiously waiting to go outside, sand pail in hand
Gorgeous, spartan decor
Little C’s sundress-perfect for the Cabo heat
My two C’s (C squared) watching the waves from the balcony
Capturing sweet moments

The Pools (So Great They Deserve Their Own Title)

The pools at Cabo Azul were so incredibly gorgeous. Each was an infiniti pool, connected by various waterfalls and walkways.  The top two pools were heated, the last was room temp. It literally felt like stepping into bath water, and the pools were surprisingly baby friendly. The pools featured beach-style entries, which meant that little C could play and climb in and out without us helicopter parents hovering directly on top of her. There were large expanses of warm, shallow water for her to splash in, while we swam next to her. There were also hot tubs and smaller pools that were little-C-sized which she adored.
I mean, this view? Are you kidding me? Paradise. Seriously.
View from the top of the infinity pools, overlooking the Sea of Cortez. Unreal.
Little C and Big C playing in the water.  There were these amaaazing beds that sat in the water, and tons of shade options when Little C needed a break.
Gorgeous day, and perfect weather. I loved the back details on my l’space bikini top and the cut on the bikini bottoms.  Hint: size up in the tops!
Girlfriends having fun
Sharing secrets
And kisses
A must in the Mexico heat: hats and sunscreen! C inherited her dad’s amazing skin tone, but I didn’t want my little bug getting burned.  Hat and swimsuit, both bought at Target.The only con of San Jose del Cabo is that the surf is super rough, definitely not safe even for wading in. There are steep drop offs and riptides, so when we wanted to play in the surf we headed into Cabo San Lucas, about a 20 minute drive from Cabo Azul.

Where to Visit: Cabo San Lucas & The Arch

The beaches in Cabo San Lucas are much safer and little C got to run in and out of the water. The sand is soft, and the water is surprisingly warm.  Since it was the off-season, we had the beach mostly to ourselves. I love LOVE love traveling in the off-season; coming from LA where everything is crowded, it is so wonderful to not have to wait in lines or fight for room on the beach.
relatively deserted beach and a gorgeous view
C squared playing in the water
Babes playing in the sand
Tan wet baby legs! My fav
My not so tan legs…not my fav
We took a glass-bottom boat out to see The Arch, one of Cabo’s gorgeous natural attractions.  The Arch is an impressive rock formation that signifies where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez. It is beyond beautiful-one of those sights that you never forget. We were able to see the fish swimming underneath us, the waters are virtually teaming with fish.
Our captain and tour guide, “Hector the Protector”. He brought stale tortilla chips to feed to the fish, which was little C’s favorite part of the boat ride.
Little C and me on the boat-please ignore my hair, it was windy 😉
I mean how gorgeous is this?! The view of the cliffs from the boat.
We were able to get up close and personal with the wildlife that inhabits The Arch-my favorite of which were the seals.
How precious are these babes? So sweet.
Colonies of Brown Pelicans (the only pelican species which dives from the air to catch it’s ocean-bound prey) rule the cliffs and perch on Panga boats. They are especially fond of the fishermen, who share the scraps of their daily catch with these huge, gentle birds. Up close they have fuzzy necks and sweet, brown eyes. Had Big C allowed me to, I totally would have smuggled one of these cuties home with me.
Frigate birds (also known as Pirate Birds-a name that I love) roost in the cliffs, diving into the water for small fish and returning to feed their young. Can you tell I’m a total nature-enthusiast nerd?
After the boat ride we stopped at the beach-front restaurant for some chips and guacamole. Little C is OBSESSED with guac but hates avocados, weirdo.
I’m sorry but how cute is her little face? She kills me
Big C and a rare shot with THE HAIR down
love how colorful everything in Mexico is. The magenta cotton tablecloth and blue lipped glasses were simple yet  stunning.
Little C having a momentary meltdown over her sandy hands. Kid doesn’t like being dirty-definitely got that one from daddy.
The sun setting on a tired little C and Cabo

where to eat: Las Guacamayas

We lived on tacos, smoothies, and fruit while we were in San Jose del Cabo.  We found an amazing local taco spot called “Las Guacamayas”  (which means ‘the parrots’), and kept going back each night. For legit, authentic mexican food, search out the local hotspots and avoid the tourist-driven joints.  This generally means venturing away from the beaten path into the barios. Las Guacamayas is a mostly-outdoor “restaurant” with bright strings of lights in the trees, colorful murals on the walls, and hands down the BEST tacos I have ever eaten. Stray dogs roam in small packs along the streets, music floats through the air from a live guitarist, and the heady scent of roasting meat assaults your nostrils in the best possible way.  Las Guacamayas features numerous types of spicy salsas with their tacos, and make sure that you try their stone bowls (large iron mortars filled with roasted chicken, nopalitos (cactus), onions, and thick hunks of melted cheese).
Ignore the underexposed image, it was pretty dark
Little C loved dancing to the music

Licuidos y Jugos

The other spot that we instantly fell in love with was a smoothie and juice shop called Licuidos y Jugos de Mazatlan.  Tons of fresh fruit lined the shelves, and they had awesome smoothies. Our favorite was a combo of all the fruit in the shop, ice, and alfalfa. Bonus-the cups were MASSIVE.
We were sad to leave San Jose del Cabo and Cabo Azul, and will definitely be planning another trip sometime soon. Adios, los Cabos, until next time!


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  • Reply May 31, 2016

    Sarah Johnson

    Great pictures! We’re going to Cabo in a few weeks with a 6 month old. Can you give me any info about buying diapers/wipes and baby food there? My in-laws have been and say we can easily go to the WalMart and/or Costco but I’m not sure what brands they will have there or if it’s comparable to what we use at home.

    • Reply June 1, 2016

      Maya Thayer

      Hi Sarah, thanks!! Hmmm okay so when we took our little one I think that we brought our own diapers and wipes in the suitcases, but there are a number of ‘US stores’ where you should be able to get the same or similar to what you are used to in terms of diapers/wipes. That being said if you are at all worried, bringing your own is definitely a good call. Now food-wise, our lady was a bit older so we didn’t have to bring much in the way of food for her – I think that we mostly brought her favorite snacks and then were able to buy what she needed at the grocery stores. I can’t remember what options they had tho (brands, organic, etc. etc.) so again if you’re worried, bring some! You generally need less than you think. Sorry I don’t have more info! Where are you staying?

  • Reply July 6, 2016


    Thank you. I´ll be staying at the same resort this month with my little one and was getting a bit nervous. Your info is very helpful!

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