Hopes For a White Christmas

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CROP TOP: Forever 21  ::  SKIRT: Forever 21  ::  JACKET: Truth and Pride (old), similar styles herehere, and here  ::  HEELS: Topshop (on sale!!)

First off, sorry that there wasn’t a post yesterday – we have been traveling and I have a cold, and once every so often it feels good to just step off the grid a bit. So apologies 🙂

We survived the drive with the Little C bug and are safe and sound in northern Utah. Last night we drove up to the Montage hotel in Park City and had dinner at Apex, a gorgeous restaurant that focuses on fresh local ingredients (which you guys know I’m all about). They served popovers with sides of butter and rosemary salt instead of traditional bread, which was both unique and delicious. I wish that I would have thought to bring the camera along so that I could have taken pics to share with you guys! It was snowing so hard outside, and the trees around the hotel were lit up with twinkling white lights. The entire hotel was decked out for Christmas and with the snow coming down so thick and the lights shining through the dark it felt magical. Little C kept trying to run out into the snowstorm and was demanding that we let her sit on the chairs which were covered in a good foot of snow – not sure what the preoccupation was with sitting in the chairs but she talked about it the entire way home. Speaking of the drive home, I don’t think that I have ever driven in a real snow storm, and certainly not down a steep mountain road. It was beautiful with the thick flakes flying at the windshield and I was thoroughly enjoying the adventure until I realized that our breaks were locking up and we were sliding….that was not so awesome. Luckily Big C is used to driving in bad weather and we were fine but there was a moment there where I was pretty freaked out. ANYWAYS. I don’t have any pics to share with you guys yet since we just got in late yesterday, but be prepared for lots of cold weather looks and layers because it is FREEZING up here! So far there hasn’t been any snow down where Big C’s parent’s place is but snow is in the forecast for Christmas day and Friday and my fingers are crossed for a white Christmas. Until then….I’m sharing another all white holiday look ;). Also, merry Christmas eve!!!


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    Hi sweet girl! Just came across your blog *thank goodness*. Your style is everything I must say. Do you mind if I ask you a question? Your images are beautiful and being a fashion blogger myself I am in the market for a new lens. Do you mind telling me what you are using for your camera/lens? If you prefer to email its Dallastyleblog@gmail.com

    Happy Friday


    • Reply January 30, 2015

      Maya Thayer

      Hey doll! So glad that you love the blog! I need to check the exact lens to make sure that I’m right but I’m 99% sure it is the Nikon 50mm f/1.8G? I’ll let you know if it is a different one. Before we were shooting with just the kit lens but learned that lenses make a HUGE difference! Hope that helps!

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