Cleaning without the Crap

Ever wondered how to get that “just cleaned” feeling in your house without massive amounts of chemicals? I’ve got your answer.
Straight up? I love bleach. I love Windex, and Comet, and just about any chemical that will make my bathrooms sparkly, my mirrors shine, and my toilets smell like a cool spring day in the Alps. However. Once I became a mom, I became SO much more aware of all of the crap that is in our cleaning supplies and how they can impact the little hands (which lately love to play in toilet water-EW) in a negative way. I hunted around for a better option, and found it in a blue Dawn and Vinegar combo.Your best friends as a trying-to-be-chemical-free mom are going to be baking soda, vinegar, and blue dawn. For reals.

For sinks, toilets, and more:

  • 1/2 cup Blue Dawn
  • 1/2 cup vinegar

Combine in a spray bottle, and get ready for your house to shine!  For more clinging power (like when you need it to stick in the toilet, just bump up the Blue Dawn a bit.

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