September, 2014

Shark the Bearded Dragon

On the way up to north the day that Grandpa died, both Little C and Big C caught miserable colds so the trip back home was filled with a lot of fevers and sniffles and coughing. Once we got back into town we immediately took Little C back to the…

So Close Yet So Far

First of all, I owe you guys an apology. Never since I started this blog in October have I missed a day of blogging; and I certainly have never missed an entire week. But this past week I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t pull myself together enough to write,…


Sorry for my absence. My grandfather passed away, and I have been taking some time away from from blogging just to regroup and get back to “normal”. I’ll try to have a post up for you guys tomorrow. Lots of love – i miss you all